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“I had experienced some very dark and lonely days before I came to All Things Counselling and spoke with Lynn. Frankly- having done counselling before I didn’t feel I quite knew how to process what I was going through. Lynn provided a safe non-judgmental environment to talk and rationalise my thoughts. She also equipped me with the tools to cope with the situation I was in and how to use them in future situations. When I speak with Lynn everything makes sense. I have built the confidence in myself to know my worth and it’s been a long time since I felt how I do. I look forward to continuing my journey.”


"I have recently had some fairly significant life challenges to deal with and felt that I needed some help and support.  From my first conversation with Lynn I felt a sense of comfort and reassurance.  The time that I have spent with Lynn has been hugely beneficial. She has provided me with valuable insights about why I react to certain situations in the way that I do and has equipped me with the knowledge that I need to respond more constructively.  I feel a lot more resilient as a result of the counselling and, for the first time in a very long time, I feel that I have even started to get a little bit of a

sparkle back again!  I am hugely grateful to Lynn."

BEN 17

"Ive been going to All Things Counselling for a couple months of sessions and it’s incredible the real difference I see. They made me into the person I’ve been longing to be for years. More confidence, less stress and I have honestly stopped caring what others think and focused on myself. You seem to forget how down you felt, how sad you were and how much you struggled like it never happened to me. I 100% recommend them to anyone at all from anything ranging to extreme depression to just wanting a chat or a rant with absolutely no judgement with any topic. Especially younger people. People my age refuse to go to see a councillor or therapist cause maybe they are scared to talk or don’t think it will help but trust me, as I said I have become 10x the man I want to be at 17 and recommend them tremendously to any teenager."


"Lynn has been instrumental in helping my daughter on her mental health journey. She offered a listening ear, coping strategies and provided a safe space to talk about issues of concern during a challenging time in her life. Lynn is professional, calm, sensitive, friendly and compassionate and made my daughter feel at ease right from the outset of her counselling sessions. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone considering counselling. "

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